Protective Partitions

COVID-19 protective partitions made of PET film - STOP CORONA, KEEP WORKING!

Protect yourself and your employees against droplet infections at the workplace. 

Protective partitions made of PET film are a simple and efficient solution. They are inexpensive and can be utilized according to individual needs.

But why to use protective partitions made of PET film? What is the advantage over a protective separation made of, for example, acrylic glass? How does the protective partition function, and how can it be installed for your use? We want to clarify these as well as other questions below and illustrate them with examples.


Why do I need a COVID-19 protective partition?

The COVID-19 virus requires responsible actions from all of us to protect ourselves and our fellow human beings from infection. Mouth and nose covers are commonly the first choice for it but are not reasonable to wear for a too long time. Long periods of wear are usually uncomfortable, work to be carried out becomes increasingly strenuous, and breathing becomes more difficult. A protective partition is thus a suitable addition to your protection and that of your customers, patients, and guests. It increases security by reducing the exchange of viruses, even when the wear of protective masks is interrupted.

Where should I install a protective partition?

Whether in pharmacies, doctor's offices, at supermarket checkouts, or between workplaces - wherever close contact between you, your employees, customers, patients, and guests is necessary, a protective partition can offer more security, even if the advised distance of 1.50 m is fallen below.

Eye contact and customer proximity can still be guaranteed. 

Please also respect the guidelines for mask requirements depending on your federal state: 

What is the advantage of a protective separation made of PET film compared to a protective partition made of acrylic or Plexiglas?

Protective partitions made of acrylic and Plexiglas are sold only from a thickness of 4 mm. They are very rigid and can therefore be set up or mounted on objects. But they are also quite heavy. Moreover, these displays are only available in a limited selection in height and width, and therefore only fit to a certain extent on the counter.

PET films are available in lower thicknesses, which saves weight and makes handling easier. The protective partitions made of PET film can also adapt much better to your circumstances. Like this round or very long counters can be equipped as well. 

Frequent use of disinfectants on acrylic and Plexiglas can damage the surface. As a result, these protective partitions are often cloudy, and the visibility is restricted. 

PET film, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned with all common disinfectants without having to fear negative consequences for transparency.

How do I assemble a protective partition made of PET film?

a) In a wooden frame to place

To design your protective partition usefully for your field of application, we recommend building a simple wooden frame yourself. It should be impregnated and can be colored if desired. Then, the PET film is fixed to the wooden frame with a standard tacker. This protective partition is stable and can be built quickly without great manual skill.

The frame construction enables many applications. You can implement them very easy or very complex, according to your desire and requirements. 

A hint for everyone without a large number of tools: Get the wood you need from a hardware store and have it cut to the desired length on site. All you have to do is screw it together at the place of use, sand it a bit, and, if necessary, pretreat it before you apply the film. If you also lack the tacker, simply glue the film. But make sure to paint the wood beforehand so that the adhesive tape fixes the film well. 

How it works:

Step 1: preparation

Vorbereitung Holzrahmen

Steps 2 - 8: Building the wooden frame

Bau_Holzrahmen1 2 Bau_Holzrahmen2 3 Bau_Holzrahmen3 4 Bau_Holzrahmen4 5 Bau_Holzrahmen5 6 Bau_Holzrahmen6 7 Bau_Holzrahmen7 8 Bau_Holzrahmen8


b) Film as a hanging system

Do you lack the space or a suitable surface to use a wooden frame? Then a hanging system might be the right solution for you.

The easiest way to do this is by using cord or stainless steel wire, hooks, and crocodile clips. Mount at least two hooks on the ceiling to which you attach a cord or wire. Set the desired distance from the ceiling, 40 cm is sufficient. Fasten the crocodile clips at the other end and fit them to the desired position on the film.

Another version is the use of a wooden strip. Here, the film is stapled onto the wooden strip. Then screw-in two or three eyelets in the wooden strip. These are used to mount the frame to the ceiling via a cord or wire.

Our recommendation: PET-A film with a thickness of 0.5 mm hangs out well even without extra weight, which means it does not have to be weighed down additionally. It is just important to pay attention to the rolling direction. Further, the cut should not exceed a width of 1 meter. If this is the case, we recommend attaching a second strip at the bottom to provide the necessary weight. 

Folie Hängesystem


c) Other models

Of course, there are many other ways and variants to use the film to protect your employees and customers. Do you have a great idea and want to share it with other people? Then send us your pictures and a description to:

With your consent, we will publish your suggestion on our website.