Additional Hints

Indications on PET-A film:

The PET-A film is stored and sent on a roll which may cause a certain curvature. This curvature can, however, later be removed by tensioning or suspension (?!) to force the film into the desired shape.

For the sake of the environment, we do not use additional packaging materials. The film is delivered directly in a suitable box. This may result in scratch marks on the outside, which is why this outer layer is provided in addition to the quantity ordered and can be used, for example, for the manufacture of prototypes.

The PET-A film is, from standard, provided with an anti-stick coating. It is comparable to an oily film that disappears when being heated. If the film is not heated, the anti-stick layer can also be washed off with a warm soapy solution. This layer prevents scratches when the film sheets slide over one another and avoids sticking together, which can occur due to the forces and the large surface area.


The PET-A film can be washed off with conventional tenside water (e.g. detergent water). To ensure the longevity of the film, we recommend using a lint-free cotton cloth for cleaning. Please do not use microfibre cloths or harsh chemicals, since otherwise the film will suffer micro-scratches and may become blind. The cleaning should take place under running water, like with plastic glasses.

Think about the times after COVID-19 already, but still protect yourself:

The PET-A film has no supplementary protective film as known from other conventionally used plastic films (e.g. PVC). This has the advantage that PET-A is easier to recycle. Films such as PVC consist of several layers which must first be separated from one another for the recycling process. PET-A is moreover a relatively hard plastic that can be used several times when properly cleaned and is, therefore, more sustainable overall.