About The Team

Ilka - Germany / Portugal

Over the last couple of years, I developed a stronger entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for social entrepreneurship and impact-driven start-ups. My motivation to work here is to play an active part in a young, cross-functional, and dynamic team that allows me to be creative and to build upon my previous professional and cultural experiences. ppe-solutions provides an opportunity to react to the society's needs during a crisis and enhance healthy community building. I am looking forward to mastering the new and exciting tasks ahead of us to contribute to the betterment of the current conditions.


Philipp - Germany

My motivation to join this project was to use the free time I now have due to corona lockdown with helping other people while learning something new. Planning and launching a crowdfunding campaign has been a completely new field of work for me. Contributing to this also creates new professional experiences. I look forward to discussing new and exciting ideas and contributing my knowledge about software development and IT systems.


Noah - Germany

Developing projects and creating new ventures are my two great passions for 8 years now. In line with my motto: “you need to have some stories for your grandchildren to tell them.” I like to work with a variety of people, and so I builded up a worldwide social network over the last few years. 


Jesper - Denmark

Jesper studied Strategic Entrepreneurship in Denmark.